Anzac Day 2018

Andy Clark made the following report regarding the march

  The ANZAC Day March was well attended particularly by the Regiment lads and lasses. They weren’t “scheduled” to March in Uniform by the powers that be, so many of them attended in suits and Black Hats and marched behind the 4/19th PWLH Association Banner. Apparently it was the largest group marching on the day, that were not in uniform, 130 plus I am told. And they performed very well indeed. A credit to the Regiment.
 RAACA probably had about 30 marching with some being ex 4/19, marching with the 4/19 PWLH Association.
 There were no bands at all near us so that was very disappointing, I had to keep calling the step so the Cadets carrying the RAACA Banner were in step with us. There were a few times the Cadets set a fast pace, (prompted by the officials to close the gap) and our crumbling legs and hips could not keep up. The Cadets did a marvelous job and their names were taken, for a thank-you.
 There appeared to be some confusion amongst the Marshalls regarding position in the march and this was the main reason for the gap.

 The Dawn Service at the Shrine.
 A nice Service was conducted. Peter Meehan (ex 3MP radio announcer) was the MC and conducted a lovely, at times emotional, service.